What About The Camera Lens

I went outside tonight and looked up at the stars. When I look at the stars I think of all the people I know that have passed on from this world. I took my camera with me so I could take some pictures. I think I can see these people in different stars. I have two cameras. They both have wide angle lens. This gives me some really good photos. One star is super bright and cheerful looking I know that is Carolyn. There are two stars that are very close together. I know they are Marion and Al because they were always very close together wherever they went.

They almost look as if they are holding hands. The one with the reddish looking circle around it must be John. He had such bright red hair. I take a photo of that star with 2 different cameras. They both have a great camera lens. I also see a shooting star. That must be Paul shooting thru the sky onto his next adventure. He was always on an adventure. He did some very interesting things in his life. I think his favorite thing to do was white water rafting.

He also really liked to go rock climbing. I don’t think that is something that I could ever do. Maybe I could do that since I went sky diving. I will need to think about that one. My camera lens is getting foggy, time to clean it I suppose. Now that star looks like Evelyn. It somehow looks sophisticated. That is a real gem. I think I see Cathy in that star. It seems to be smiling. She was always smiling and always happy. I took a few photos of that one. I could probably see someone in each star that I look at. I sing twinkle twinkle little star to tucker when he is sleeping over at our house. That puts him right to sleep and he loves that song. Now I see Steve in that star.

It is shining bright as he always did. He was such a nice man, always looking out for everyone else. They don’t come much better than that man. He was such a trooper and such a hard working individual. I remember when we would go visit him in the city. He was the one that did all the cooking. The house smelled so good when he cooked. All of us kids would help him clean up and do the dishes. He had a way of making everything fun for all of us. Now that star really reminds me of Lucy. It looks so gentle and it looks like it is gleaming. Speaking of an angel, that is what she was.  She was so nice and took care of everyone with a heart of gold. Well I supposed I took enough photos for one evening. I just love these cameras that I have. They take wonderful pictures. Bit enough is enough for one night.

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